Embedded Computing Laboratory


ECL’s mission is to address computing artifacts (digital circuits, architectures, computing models, algorithms, and software) from the perspective of the requirements and constraints of embedded systems  (energy efficiency, security, real-time, etc) so as to propose novel techniques for modeling, optimizing and verifying current and future embedded computing systems.

Areas of research

  • Algorithms and Techniques for Electronic Design Automation
  • Digital Video Compression Techniques and Architectures
  • Memory Subsystem Optimization for Energy-Efficient Embedded Computing
  • Shared Memory Verification in Multicores (constrained-random and directed-test generation, memory checkers)
  • Software Parallelization and Scheduling for Performance and Energy Efficiency
  • Fault Tolerance in Accelerators


Senior Researchers

PhD Students

Master Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants


  • Alan Djon Ludke (Lattes)
  • Alexandre Santana (Lattes)
  • Bruno Moraes
  • Chrystian Guth (Website)
  • Giuseppe Battistella
  • Tarcísio Crocomo
  • Thiago Barbato (Lattes)
  • Vinícius Livramento (Lattes) (Website)

Open Source Projects